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Reynisholt preschool
Gvendargeisla 13
113 Reykjavík
tel.+354 517-5560
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Reynisholt opened on November 30th 2005. It has four divisions accepting 86 children ath the age 2 - 6 years.

The main emphasis in its operation, in addition to daily life, playing and education-fields in accordance to the curriculum, is living-skills education that has been named Life & Skills. The purpose of this project is to develop and introduce operational methods that categories as professional care and subject to tending to the children’s basic needs as well as laying the foundation for them to develop their own basic abilities as both responsible and well qualified individuals in a modern society. A society that increasingly measured by high velocity, stress and other changes that come together with a multi-cultural society.

The primary means taken in this project are the following:

  • Touching and touching-related games
  • Yoga-games, yoga-exercises and relaxing
  • Quality Circle Time
  • Working with Persona Dolls
  • Emphasis on virtues
  • Emphasis on the child’s self-help
  • Working on expression and appearance
  • Parental participation
  • Multicultural Education
  • Looking to neighboring schools, both pre- and elementary schools, for a collaboration on these points of emphasis. 


Our Philosophy

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Life Skills

Reynisholt PreschoolThe child itself is the focus of attention in this Preschool environment. We place special emphasis on catering for the individual and believe that each child is unique. Our ethos dictates that we take care to respect the personal needs of each child, encouraging them in all areas of learning without prejudice to limits of age or ability. The curriculum, daily life and play include a "special" emphasis on life skills.

Lifeskills include the ability to practice and apply patience and understanding skills to all relationships.Our goal is to instill our ethos into all our staff members in order to create an environment that is calm and separate from the stress of the outside world. We pay particular attention to creating a classroom where trust, security and mutual respect for both the children and adults therein are of utmost importance. Each child is encouraged to show initiative and to build on their independence so that they may go on to function well in a free society. Each level of maturity provides new challenges for each child and we are there to guide them through successfully.

These skills are introduced by:

  • Reynisholt Preschool2We have work groups concentrating on friendship, communictaion and tactility, where the children are encouraged to relax and enjoy one another's company.
  • Children are encouraged to incorporate a set of moral standards and codes into their daily lives. They are taught to apply respect, kindness and patience to all areas of their daily lives. Two or three of these codes are given particular attention each term with an emphasis on the fact that they must become
    natural responses in children as opposed to a learnt set of rules to live by.
  • A weekly session is held for the older children so that they may have an opportunity to express their feelings.
  • Yoga sessions are held two to three times a week focusing on movement, balance, stretching and  relaxation.
  • Particular attention is paid to encourage confidence in each child and increase their ability to communicate properly.
  • Work with "expression dolls" that can help in story time to address such issues as prejudice etc.
  • Special emphasis on touch and movement using the book "Touch, Yoga and Relaxation" by Elín Jónasdóttir and Sigurlaug Einarsdóttir (2003). Leikskólinn Reynisholt 2006

Independence and Self Help
Teaching self-help skills and encouraging independence is also a large part of the curriculum.The teachers are expected to approach the children as equals, taking part in all activities and aiding the children in taking independent decisions. This must include guidance in situations where difficulties may arise therefore building their ability to deal with difficult environments and problem solving. They are taught to live in harmony with themselves, with others and their environment.

These skills are introduced by:

  • Reynisholt Preschool7Children are taught to function properly at mealtimes. They help with the preparation and with tidying up. They are encouraged to help themselves (once they have reached the appropriate maturity). Mealtimes are used to create a calm, learning environment.
  • Healthy eating habits are encouraged at all times and sugar is held to a complete minimum.
  • "Quiet Time" is of utmost importance in the day's structure. Here children can sleep and relax whilst
    listening to music or a story. They are encouraged to cuddle up and enjoy each others company.
  • Children are encouraged to show independence in dressing and undressing for outdoors. They are also
    encouraged to keep their area tidy.
  • Children are encouraged to express themselves through story, song and conversation on a daily basis.
  • Groups according to age and ability are formed three times a week. Here children are encouraged to use self sufficiency in learning and are given all the independent help and attention that they may need to feel secure in their work and to do well.
  • Outdoor play is part of the daily routine. The aim of this is to promote health and well being. Outdoor play is mostly free play time but sometimes includes organized activity. This may include nature trips where children are encouraged to respect their environment and to learn and experience nature.



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